The T3 was designed with you in mind, made to be a ski that allows you to create leverage without producing unnecessary load or heavy resistance behind the boat. Check out the details below for all the design characteristic of the ski and see why it could just be the perfect ski for you.

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Traditional slalom skis, due to their shape, are by nature very torsionally stiff front to back. Therefore they take a lot of effort and strength to create a direction and angle across course.

Creating leverage and angle with the minimum amount of load against the boat is the ultimate desire of a slalom skier.

The revolutionary patented design of the Mapple Torque Series skis, now for the first time allows this desire of the slalom skier to be fulfilled. An increase of over 10 degrees of torsional flex throughout the ski, due to the new “Mapple Torque Slot”. A ski that allows the rotational flex of the ski though the most controllable part of the ski by the skier, under the bindings.

Now as the skier loads against the boat, instead of the ski creating a block against the pull, the ski will move forward freely, and gather the angle and direction the skier is working towards.

How it came about

For years we have been trying to increase torsion in a slalom ski by using different variations of carbon, block type construction skis that flex more one side than the other and even twisting the skis out of the mold to make each side different. Through modern ski building, torsional stiffness has been under limited control. For the most part, running only uni directional fiber (all fibers running lengthways) has been the only way to relieve the ski of all torsional resistance. This is the softest flexing (torsionally) ski you can build.

In recent years, skiers talk about being light on the line, with effort applied trying to ski this way. It’s a hard concept to grasp, since we’re dealing with so many forces against us in the slalom course, so Andy began testing to create ways to actually make a ski torque more from the center, with the theory, that if it can rotate when put under pressure, combined with the shape of the ski, it should always transfer and move the energy forward, thus creating the light on the line feel that skiers are looking for. Andy succeeded!

With the Mapple Torque Slot, we can achieve this and allow skiers from all levels, no matter strong or weak to gain a significant benefit.

Development Background

Developing the Torque concept required the cutting of many skis and extensive carbon fiber work at the Mapple R&D center. To identify the right place and size of the Mapple Torque Slot, there was no substitute for actual on water testing.

Making a ski rotate and become more flexible torsionally was the easy part, but keeping the control and feel of the ski was the real science. Not only does a ski have to be stable under load, but also in the release of that load in an edge change.

The shape of the fibers that have to run down into the torque slot, should not only enable the ski to rotate, but remain structurally sound as with all Mapple Skis.

To show this new technology and explain this is “no gimmick”, specific in depth torsional tests were conducted on a traditional slalom ski vs. the new Mapple Torque Ski. Having this resource to show the difference is data that confirms all our on water testing and brings the whole design to reality.

Fin Settings / Height & Weight Chart

Click HERE to view fin settings & height/weight chart.



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