Mapple Skis was founded by Andy Mapple, the greatest skier our world has ever seen. Andy’s passion for water skiing fueled his desire to build the most competitive skis on the market. He inspired skiers on and off the water with his designs and passion to bring those skis to the masses. Andy’s designs culminated with the creation of Mapple Skis. Andy’s vision lives through this brand and by riding Mapple you help preserve and continue his legacy on the water.

As an independent ski company, Mapple is here to bring high end water skis to the masses. Andy’s final design, the T3 is here for you now. After his passing, legends Kris LaPoint and Jeff Rodgers have taken the reigns behind the brand and continue to push Mapple in a direction sought by Andy. Kris has taken the lead as head of R&D and is available at his site in Orlando, FL for demos and training. Fellow pros Corey Vaughn and Tom Brantley are carrying the torch through the pro ranks with Jeff Rodgers continuing to win event after event in the Big Dawg field. The Mapple brand has continued through these individuals and countless others waving the Mapple flag and riding T3’s across the globe.

If you want to join the ranks with fellow Team Mapple comrades you’re at the right place. Connect with the individuals below to set up a demo or to buy a ski.

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